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Liangjing Group was founded in 1985. As a key enterprise of Chinese valve industry field, we are leading the way in Chinese valve industry. We are specialized in producing high-medium pressure valves of " LION " brand.Our main products are: Gate Valve Ball Valve Butterfly Valve...【more】

  Liangjing Group Co., Ltd.
Wenzhou Liangjing Mechanical Transmission Co. Ltd.
Zhejiang Liangjing New Energy Co., Ltd
LanShen Group Co., Ltd
Nanjing Zhongchuang Water Group Limited By Share Ltd
Zhejiang Jialiang Technology Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Yangyuan ship equipment Casting Co. Ltd.
Zhejiang Zhongying Real Estate Development Company Limited
Office tel:+86-0577-67316888
Marketing DEPT.:+86-0577-67377996
International DEPT.:+86-0577-67316991
Service DEPT.:+86-0577-67316998
E-mail:[email protected]

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Group headquarters :Liangjing Industrial Park, Sanqiao Industrial Zone, Wen zhou city, Zhejiang province, China   Technical support:中國泵閥網  浙ICP備05040096號
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